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  Get the cash  Cast the Dice  Roll it right  For Mr Right  Don't you forget  How they neglect You groaned for years in agony  While they flirt with your money like a symphony  They share the fat sums But leave us with crumbs  They want the vote  To later revolt  The time is #DUE To get your due What belongs to Caesar, Seize Am The cash is yours! But bail the cat Out of the bag A man to a vote  #2023elections #VoteWisely  ~ Patrick Ekong
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A girl child ๐Ÿง’  She was born curtailed  Even when she has the potential to excel She was shortchanged When she has all it takes to make a change. Her society confines  Yet she refines Her voice has been dim By those she can redeem  She works till late at night And she draws vigour within her might  She is durable  And she's perfectly able. She shoulders the earth Despite that her back aches. She multiplies Whatever she applies. She's given a semen But she breeds men She's given a  family  But she brings forth a community She faces a lot  She has lost a lot But she still offered a lot She's a unique being  That has made human beings. She's a girl child ๐Ÿง’  She's a woman   She's a sister  And she's a mother. Happy International Day of the Girl Child! ~ Patrick Ekong ©


free flow of thoughts... I crept down in the HOLE,  Like a MOLE   Without a SOUL  I make it out in a WHOLE  I pen down the LINES  Like WAR merged in MINES  The pen bears my MIND  I walked down the LANE  As my thoughts flow INSANE   The ink CREATES SCENES. I live in the MOMENT  Separated from ARGUMENT  seizing my MOVEMENT  Life throw PUNCHES  But we build BRANCHES  To live in BUNCHES  Swimming the TIDE In all SIDES  Never to HIDE. I SMILE  For I have walked a MILE For the gold-MINES. ~ Patrick Ekong ©️


I woke up in the morning, on my habit of pressing the phone before I could say a short prayer, I turned on the data and a notification from my Phonix browser displayed the headlines "56 killed, 20 abducted as unknown gunmen invade Eko community."  Another reads " 25 years old man sleeps with the corpse of mom for wealth".  My mind dwelled on the first headline for a while, how terrible it must have been for anyone to woke up to such misfortune. I yawned, and check my wall clock, it is past 10 am. it is time I should have been in the class listening to my lecturer narrate the story of his life, how difficult it will be for anyone who hasn't bought his three pages manual to pass his course before he could even draw a marker on the board. His frustration could be understood. Frequent strike actions have made them become like angry birds. ๐Ÿ˜   Truth is I don't know when ASUU was calling off the four months strike. From the sitting room, a distant voice on the rad


Tough not moved by the toils. Her strength, like that of a lioness. The earth flourish, When she nourished. Super human not defined by their looks, The Lords Strength embedded in them. The progression of mankind, Only possible with this kind. Smitten by the sun, Drained by the rain, Her durability unwavering.  Stone cast on her feets  She walked with them beneath her feets.  Her eyes look weak  But sharp like the falcon's beak Sound mind, blend with compassion  To survive is her mission. Her bossom, solace of hope Like a Eagle's wing spread without a scope. She's a champion  The brain of success behind the mansion. Point to a home  And you point to her The second pillar  Whose back  The home rest. She's a woman ๐Ÿ‘ฉ  __________________ Happy international women's day to all the responsible women out there. I join the rest of the world to celebrate the women for their roles in shaping our today's society.  ❤๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐ŸคŽ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ   ~ Patrick Ekong ©️


The story Walking down the street of Allen Avenue that cold evening, the rain was dripping. One could see reflections of lights from moving vehicles on the stable water on the tarred road. Everywhere was frigid . The time was about some minutes pass six in the evening. As I walked down the street, soaked by the heavy downpour that evening, it seems all  eyes stared just at me.  By the end of the street, taking a U-turn, one could see a three story building facing Saint Patrick Catholic Cathedral, the church I visited for confession whenever I couldn't make peace with myself. The building with the inscription " EMMANUEL'S COURT", was where I lived with Ron for two years since we got married.  Allen Avenue was like a semi business hub in the suburb of the city. One could see small businesses here and there.  I have  always lead a private life even when growing up. When I got married to Ron, I asked that we moved to the suburb of the city, away from busy life of the town

MARRIAGE: The Ready And The Right

The story.. Anne sat absentmindedly as Den drove through the ever busy Aka-Etinan road.  She wasn't herself that morning. Many things has happened recently which has left her with so many unanswered questions as far as her relationship was concerned.  Worst was that she didn't tend to understand the mystery surrounding her man's struggles with life despite being such a promising guy.  From all indication, it was obvious Den was serious with her, at least judging by how she felt completely safe in the relationship, and as such she didn't need anyone to tell her that he was actually the right person for her. As she stepped out of the car, she forgot to bade him goodbye due to countless thoughts that wrestle in her mind that morning.  Approaching her office, she noticed that her secretary wasn't on her sit. She felt maybe she was to report late to work that morning perhaps due to circumstances beyond her control.  As she took a step forward to open the door to her offi